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411 : F.A.Q.'s 

   In this section here you can read about some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about my art, style, and other stuff. If you'd like to ask me a question, don't hesitate to email me. Your answer will be posted up here. Yup. Anyhoo, I hope this is informational enough for fans of my art. Enjoy!

What type of things do you like to draw?

  I love to draw furries, fantasy creatures, and Animé-type thingies. Realistic stuff sorta bores me. I suppose the only "realistic" things I like to draw are dragons. I love drawing dragons. They just fascinate me somehow. Furries, though, are my forté. I enjoy doing animé fan art, which includes Sonic, Digimon, Sailor Moon, etc. I also enjoy drawing Red Dwarf fan art, just 'cause it's fun ^^

What media do you like to use?

  Pencil crayons. Definitely pencil crayons. I consider myself a "pencil crayon artist", and nowadays I realize that they are hard to find, with all these fancy-schmancy computer programs out now. As much as I love the art many people produce with a computer, I find the time one has taken to actually colour the image by hand makes one feel as though he has fulfilled much more. I feel the picture is more original when colouring by hand. But that's just my humble opinion. But then again, it could be because I'm jealous because I can't colour worth poop on the compu... *whistles innocently*... Hopefully by the end of this $2500+ a year Graphic Design program, I'll be able to do something decent on PhotoShop... oy, I can't make heads or tails of that program... *shakes head*

What do you use to ink your pictures?

  Any type of felt tip black marker-pens will work wonders. I'm currently using, according to my box, "'PMOP(TM) Products for the Office' Nylon Fiber Point Porous Pen, Series 860" by the Gilette Company. They work great and you can buy a box of 12 for about $12 Canadian ^^ Seriously, though, any pen that can write both thick and thin is perfect for inking. If you are really adventurous and have the money to spend, though, I recommend a set of Technical pens. They're $80 CAN a set, but after all the cursing and beotching of trying to get them to work right, they really ink very nice. I needed a set for my program, and as much of a pain in the arse they are, I love 'em.

Where did you learn to draw? Did you go to special classes?

  I'm self taught, mefriends. The only art classes I took were the ones you HAD to take in school... y'know, the ones where the teachers thought you didn't REALLY draw that picture? ... oy ... Well, that and my AWESOME Life Drawing class mandatory for my program in college :D I LOVE my teacher, and my skills are improving SO much! Thank goodness :)

How do you colour the way you do?

  This question is probably best answered in my Art Tips / Help: Colouring Section.

Do you do pic requests/exchanges/commissions?

  Again, this can be answered elsewhere in my Request Information Section.

Wow! I love your style! Can you teach me to draw like that?

  No, for two reasons: (1) It's MY style, meaning I don't want you to use it, and (2) I'm not a very good teacher =Ţ. I don't mind if you draw a pic FOR ME in my style, but as long as it's not "your" permanent style. Don't kid me, I LOVE the flattery, but my style took years to perfect to my liking, and I want people to know my art for its originality and uniqueness. If you want some of my personal art tips, you can go here to LEARN how to perfect your own personal style. =~.^=

Can my characters be one of your regulars?

  Believe it or not, people ask me this all the time. The answer is no.

Then how come you draw you sister's characters all the time??

  Because she's me sister. End of story.

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