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Matronica Fur
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Filename: MatFur01.jpg
Title: Matronica's Furry Version
Resolution: 410 x 650 x 16 Million
Rating: G

  Woah! Sonic art! I haven't done that in awhile! I wanted to draw furry versions of my main robots in my Sonic story series, The Metallic Touch. This is Matronica's furry version, which is actually, a revamp of a furry version I did of him almost 5 years ago. He looks kind of alright. I really like the robot head in the back though :) I thought it was a nice touch to add to the piece. Wee. Matronica, for those of you not familiar with my stories, is the leader of the test squadron and is the second-in-command of the Metallix Militia, who was placed in the test squad because of a flaw in his programming that allowed him free thought and emotion that would and could be used against the Militia. Wee, isn't that exciting? Hee. I like Mat.
Matronica, the MT Series, and art © 2003 to Stephanie G.M. Ratté.