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NP's Family
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Filename: NPFamily3.jpg
Title: To Those I Leave Behind
Resolution: 593 x 721 x 16 Million
Rating: G

  This is a really old pic that has a story behind it. A long while ago, my version of the future was to have Noah and Calico resolve their differences (and both mature mentally) and marry. They have the twins, Alex and Zandria, and just before their 16th birthday, their father passes away. Yes, the twins were orginally created with Calico in mind as their mother. And Noah was supposed to die before the twins were 6. But at the time I drew this, I really had no timelines set up for the death of Noah (who becomes the Soul Guardian in the Afterlife). Yeah. So anyway, y'all now know who the twins' mother is (though I might change it, unless Jess doesn't mind...). This picture is supposed to represent that loss of Noah to the young Katt-Lightshadow family, and their weeping. He, now as the Soul Guardian, is watching over them, all the while confused himself as to why he had to die so young.
   I rarely colour pictures in marker (namely because I suck), but after playing around with Jess' Prismas, I can't get enough of doing it! This is done in both Prismas and Crayolas, with a PrismaBlender Marker for the duller-looking parts. I especially love Soul Guardian, who I think I coloured just beautifully with the markers... I like his stylized wings... :D Hee hee. And I love Calico's hair, albeit a bit too dark. Hee. Very good picture IMO. Hee hee. I hope y'all like it :)
Calico © 2002-03 to Jessica Ratté. Soul Guardian, Alex, Zandria and art © 2002-03 to Stephanie G.M. Ratté.