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Ajax Lister and Kriss Kochanski
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Filename: RedDwarf11.jpg
Title: Ajax Lister and Kriss Kochanski
Resolution: 575 x 666 x 16 Million
Rating: G

  Wee, this is old as heck. :p Hee hee. Here is a pic that belongs with the NP Rimmer and MacKat pic which in turn belongs to what is supposed to be a larger group pic of my and my sister's characters as Red Dwarf people. This here is of Ajax Murphy as Lister, and Kriss Jordan as Kochanski (ain't I clever with "Kriss" Kochanski =p Hee hee). I really like this one and cannot understand why I haven't finished it earlier. I like how I did Ajax's hair too, and LOOK! Kriss' shirt actually looks shiney :D Yay! I'm very happy with this picture :)
Red Dwarf and all related © to Grant Naylor Productions; Ajax and Kriss © 2002-03 to J. Ratté. Art © 2003 to Stephanie G.M. Ratté.