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EDS - Tu Long
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Filename: EDS-EarthMagic.jpg
Title: EDS - Tu Long the Earth Dragon, Magic Type
Resolution: 698 x 911 x 16 Million
Rating: G

  Here's Tu Long the Earth Dragon of the Magic subspecies, done for my Elemental Dragons Set. Magic Earth Dragons are rare, but enough of them exist to prove that they have not gone extinct. Magic Earth Dragons have the ability to create earthquakes, dust and sand storms, and avalanches. They are also believed to bring good luck to anyone who is able to catch one, at which time they can grant one wish. To posess one as their partner, though, will bring the owner eternal happiness and inner peace (wee, isn't this exciting?).
  OH. MY. GOSH. This is the BEST picture of Tu Long I have EVER drawn! Look at it! I LOVE the pose! It's so graceful and beautiful! I love how I drew his body and his legs and EVERYTHING! *cheers* And to top it off, it's well coloured :D Wee, I'm so proud and happy! :D *cheers*
Tu Long and art © 2003 to Stephanie G.M. Ratté.