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EDS - Wyvern
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Filename: EDS-AirBird.jpg
Title: EDS - Wyvern the Air Dragon, Bird Type
Resolution: 656 x 755 x 16 Million
Rating: G

  Next in my Elemental Dragons Set is Wyvern the Air Dragon of the Bird subspecies. Bird Air Dragons are able to breathe gusts of air at opponents and manipulate the air and wind around them to the point of gale-force winds. More mature Air Dragons can eventually create tornadoes. They are usually short-tempered, however, and also cannot swim, although they are waterproof due to a large amount of their body being covered in large feathers. This also helps them keep warm and be protected from erratic changes in the weather. And because they bear a striking resemblance to fowl, they are almost always mistaken for large birds (which is probably why they are short tempered... =p)
   I am very happy with this picture. I drew Wyvern so beautifully, and goshles, I love those silly little bird feet :D Hee hee. This is probably one of my best pics of Wyv... Yeah. Actually, all of these Elemental pics are excellent :) Weee! Anyhoo, here is Wyvern, my short-tempered, cockny-accented dragon :)
Wyvern and art © 2003 to Stephanie G.M. Ratté.