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EDS - Celeste
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Filename: EDS-FireLizard.jpg
Title: EDS - Celeste the Fire Dragon, Lizard Type
Resolution: 660 x 850 x 16 Million
Rating: G

  If you recall last month, I mentioned I was doing a small set of pictures of my dragons. This is the first of what I have completed so far of the Elemental Dragons Set. Here is Celeste the Fire Dragon of the Lizard subspecies. Lizard Fire Dragons have the ability to breathe fire and withstand high temperatures up to 200°C. They are, however, unable to stay in the cold nor swim and must always be warm (much like a lizard, what a quinky-dink! =Ț).
   Goshles, I love this picture. It is so well drawn, but unfortunately my OldNew scanner, which I had to use because I was back home at my parents', ate the colours VERY badly >< Ugh. But, I am happy with this picture immensely (wee, that's a word you'll never hear me say again about my pics... :D Hee hee). I got the little symbol from some CD cover I accidentally found online while I was trying to find the symbols for the elements. *noddles* I love Celeste's legs and feet :D I like the way I draw dragon feet :)
Celeste and art © 2003 to Stephanie G.M. Ratté.